Starry comes loaded with features to help your server. It can keep users active in chat with fun commands, and moderation commands can keep your server safe


With tons of moderation commands, you don't have to worry about your server getting raided or repeatedly spammed. Starry has your standard commands like kick & ban, and also has warn, mute, and hackban commands. Additionally, you can create automated actions when users are warned, and can also tempban and softban.

Utility commands

Starry also has tons of commands to help your server like Reaction Roles, Tickets, and more! Instead of having one bot for reaction roles, one for tickets, one for music, and one fore moderation, you can use Starry to make your server more professional and consolidate commands.


Starry has customizable behavior. You can change which roles can run which commands, change where the bot sends logs, and much more. Plus, you can add and configure prefixes if other bots already use Starry's prefix, s!.

Welcome Messages

Tired of users joining your server, and not knowing what to do or being intimidated by a large number of channels? Starry can send a custom welcome message so users never feel lost. Studies have shown that users who are send a welcome message are 1.5x likely to stay in a server than if the didn't receive any message.


Starry also comes with a fully working audio system with playlists, autoplay, and more!. You can play music from Youtube, Mixer, Soundcloud, Twitch, Bandcamp, and Vimeo, and even more platforms are being added. Not only does music lighten people's mood, it can improve performance while gaming or doing schoolwork.


Not only can Starry log moderation commands, but it can also log almost everything that happens in a server. Are your mods changing permissions and then saying they didn't do it? With our advanced logging, every action that happens to the server's roles, channels, categories, and settings can be logged.